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Preschool Kindergarten

701 Broadway, Norwood, NJ and 26 William Street, Closter, NJ • (201) 767-3735


The Inge Lake Preschool works with 4- and 5-year olds.  This program helps toddlers advance and get ready for kindergarten.

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"Circle time" brings our toddlers together.  We explore, discover and discuss new and exciting concepts about the calendar, weather, alphabet, numbers, science, social studies, seasons and holidays.

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Workbooks help us to develop our kindergarten readiness skills.

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Music, songs, fingerplay and movement .. we sing and dance even the rainy days away!


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As we learn, play and socialize, we are developing positive social skills that will last forever ... language, thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Come and visit!

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Each day brings us creative, hands-on projects, science experiments and games to help us learn about the world around us.

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Computer time is a favorite social and learning tool.

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Outdoor play encourages development of large motor skills and creative play.

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